The Hard Way

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Where: Outside the Corinthian

When: October 6, 2012; Evening

What: Never the easy way.

With a sigh of annoyance, through the crowds of people and out the front door, Bailey pushes out into the Las Vegas night and looks about. Looking at one of the Casino employees stationed at the doors, she gives him a strained smile. "Hey Frankie, the boss asks about me, say that I'm taking a walk around the block, 'kay?" And with that she walks to the sidewalk and veers to the left, a brooding frown now on her face.

Bailey isn't bothered for a block. Safe from anyone who might be coming after her. But that's more because Tilly was intersecting with Ian and devising the plan of attack at this derailment from their intended target.

So it's little surprise that Bailey when she's two blocks away from the casino, down the less populated tourist trap, has company. Company in the shape of that US Marshal that she'd met in the grocery store. "Nice firework there. Personally, I'd have probably taken out my gun and justifiably shot him in the hand so he'd think twice about smacking my ass. But the bo-ombs. Sweet touch. Don't you think so Ian?" Ian, who she'd instructed to come up on the other side and sandwich the waitress

And on the opposite side Ian has indeed appeared. He ghosts around a corner with a casual step that would have most people ignoring his presence, unassuming and inconsequential, just a guy out for a walk. "Very nice," he agrees when addressed, easing into place on Bailey's other side. An odd sort of grin is passed between the two women, something with a touch of sarcasm that keeps it from being a true smile but not enough to make it a smirk. "He might actually still think twice about it, magic trick or not. Impressive."

Bailey's first instinct, at being boxed in, is to pat down her pockets to find a certain knife of hers. She grumbles though, remembering she put it in her locker at work, like she normally does. "Look," she says, exasperated, while she rubs an eye, "I'm glad you liked the show. That guy and me have been practicing for a day or two. Come back tomorrow, we might do it again." She says, looking between the two of them, trying to inch her way out of the corner they seem to be putting her in. "The Corinthian is proud to have your patronage."

"She thinks we liked the show" This is spoken to Ian, Tilly then looking to Bailey. "Oh honey, that's cute. See, remember that day in the grocery store? You know, where I ran into that display, sent cans rolling and that sweet Asian guy I was with? Welll, he can do that" There's a gesture to Bailey's hands. "He's really good at it, I mean spectacular. But, if there's one thing I've learned is that while many people can do the same damn thing-" She looks over to Ian, keeping pace with bailey so that there's no inching away. She's waiting for Ian to supply the other half of what she's been lecturing him about.

"I loved the show," Ian replies as he steps along with Bailey, keeping her in place. "Really. So exciting." As Tilly goes into the lesson, he drapes an arm around the Latina woman's shoulders, making even more difficult any chance of getting away. "It's always different in how it looks," he completes just as the older agent looks his way. "Even if it's the same ability."

Attempting to push Ian's arm off her shoulder, Bailey eyes the two people around her. "What do you want with me?" She spits out in annoyance. "I'm just a simple serving girl." She gives Tilly a look with a raised eyebrow. "What? So he can 'do magic'? Big woop. Lots of people know magic tricks. It's bound that the same trick should come up again at least a couple times!"

"Nope. I've yet to see twin- Okay. Maybe not. There were that set of twins in olso that had been discovered. Identical, down to the sparkles. Shit was fantastic. So. we can do this the easy way or the hard way. The kid here, he's new. I could do this the hard way, let him get a taste of what to expect. But it's the evening, I'm tired, I'm cranky and I'd really like the easy way. Hard way involves far too much paperwork pertaining to discharging a gun. It's a ridiculous amount of paperwork. I so wish I was kidding. The easy way, it's just, you come with us, we have a talk, you tell us why you're popping off bombs that you really should be coming outta Nobby's hands, and then we turn you loose" Sans memory of the whole talk just now. Possibly not even loose truth be told.

Ian's arm doesn't move much, a subtle shift to readjust more comfortably around Bailey's shoulders, but his grip is fairly firm. He lets Tilly go on, explaining the options and looking much like he'd be happy with whichever way it goes down, hands on learning or business as usual, it's all good.

"Look, I know how this works, Miss Copper. I haven't done anything wrong. I haven't broken any laws and I haven't been witness to any crimes. So, because of that, you can't arrest me for a little trick in my workplace." Bailey offers a sassy smile. "So toodleoo to you. And your friend." She glances back to the somewhat familiar Ian. Gosh, she wished she knew why he looked so familiar to her!

"Who said anything about arresting. Sure as shit, no, you haven't done anything that I can arrest you for. Last chance here senorita." Up ahead, there's a black SUV easing around the corner and towards them. Back up it would seem, or at least Ian knows it to be that.

"Plenty of other things you could be arrested for," Ian points out with his own taunting smile. There's definitely more smirk to it, like the cat who caught the canary, and no hint to whether he's fabricating knowledge or not. He notes the vehicle without actually glancing toward it, seen in his periphery. "But right now we've just got some questions that need answers. And really, it'd be better for you if you don't fight." If there's any recognition from him to Bailey, he's got it well masked.

Glancing from side to side, Bailey shakes her head. "You know, I don't think I like the idea of going with ya'll. They're probably wondering where I am by now, and goodness knows I've got a tongue lashing to take from my boss. So, if the two of you will excuse me…" Lifting up her hands, she says, "I've got to go. And unless you want another magic show, I'm not in the mood to be detained unjustly. Good night." She makes an attempt to walk back toward the Corinthian, doing her best to shake Ian's arm off as she does so.

There's a motion, for Ian to let her go. She's got a good handful of blocks to get back to the corinthian. She'll never make it there though. There's a gesture for Ian - Once Bailey's looking/walking away - little pistol mimicing of her hand. Tranq time it would seem. If she won't come willingly..

Ian's arm loosens along with the signal from Tilly, allowing Bailey to get a couple of steps away. A minute nod precedes retrieval of the dart gun, pulled free of a concealed holster against his back, though it's held low for a moment longer. After a glance toward Tilly and then briefly around their surroundings he lines up the shot. The slap from the man in the Corinthian on Bailey's posterior might feel like a friendly pat compared to the bite of the dart that's fired off.

It doesn't take long before Bailey gets shot by the tranquelizer. Her hand immediately goes to where the dart stuck itself in. "What the heeeellll…" It seems to act fairly quickly, as surely was the point of it. It doesn't take long for her to collapse onto the ground, unconcious.

And Tilly is there to catch her, prevent concussions and any potential further injury. "Fuck me she's heavier than she looks" Not that Bailey needs to loose weight, but an unconscious person is dead weight. There's a sharp whistle for the other guys to come on down. "Now comes the fun part. Waiting till she wakes back up and the questions. You ready to take the lead on this Kid?"

Soon as the dart has found its mark, Ian stows the gun away. A few steps brings him to Tilly and the unconscious Bailey, the former of whom he helps by taking some of the latter's weight. "I think I can manage," he says, casually confident with his assurance. "No sense in putting off, right?"

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