The Price of Your Freedom

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Where: Private Medical Facility, Las Vegas

When: May 10th, 2012

What: Nicholas is read the riot act by his boss, and is told what the cost of his freedom is and was.

Two days. It's been a blur for Nicholas that was marked by lucid - and painful - periods of time filled with yelling, rough handling and Jesus snarling while dealing with the pyro for Lea.

Then, miraculously, the next time he wakes up, it's no more. The pain from the somewhat self inflicted burns blunted by drugs delivered through an IV, the soft blue walls and beeping of monitors, the head of security no longer wherever it was that they had been squirreled.

There's no phones though, despite there being nurses who come in and out. Any requests for a phone have been denied, a promise of details forthcoming. What they will say is that his companions managed to survive and are well.

It's been two days and today, for the first time since, Nicholas has a visitor in the form of one of his two bosses. Gordon Craine, standing off to the side in the room when Nicholas wakes up with fingers flying across his blackberry. How often does one's boss, his BOSS BOSS, come to your sick bed?

"Mr. Craine?" Nicholas blinks while looking around the sterile, blue room. It has the look and feel of a hospital room, but something about it feels slightly off to the ex-inspector. He tries to sit up, eyes narrowing against even the soft light in the room and his head turns to the figure standing beside his bed. "What are you…Where is this place? Why am I here, much less you here?" He starts to go into what happen before, but decides that would best be left out for now.

"Oh good. You're awake" Spoken like a man who actually, would rather the man in the bed weren't. Whatever he was doing though, Gordon stops doing it on the blackberry, sliding the phone into it's holder and settling his gaze on the man in the bed.

Gordons seen that look before. It's the deals gone bad look. Very. Bad.

One hand slides into his pocket, the other to scratch at his jaw as Gordon opts to move around the room as opposed to remaining in one place. "You'll make a full recovery. We've been assured. Some scarring, but, nothing that will impede your duties to the corporation" Gordon pauses by the window, pushing aside drapes to look out of the window and the darkness of night that's fallen beyond, the twinkling lights of Vegas,. "When we hired you as our head of security Mr. McFlannery, it was the impression that you were competent. One of the finest in your field" He looks back over to him.

"SO tell me how you could have single handedly destroyed everything that we have worked so hard for" THe last sentance snarled out.
"Excuse me? The mayor's brat is safe. Which was what I was tasked to ensure. So, how exactly did I mess anything up? I stopped the thugs long enough for him and the others to escape, so I don't quite see what the problem here is?" Nicholas pulls himself to a sitting position, his irish ire beginning to boil to the surface. Boss or not, the attitude is not what he was expected or wanted to deal with right now. "I did exactly as I was asked to do..what I was hired to do. More than that."

"Oh you certainly did more than that, though I still can't comprehend how the instructions to get the mayors son and bring him back, led to kidnapping and then your reckless decision to murder their golden goose"

You know, the woman that Nicholas killed.

"Do you comprehend what has transpired? What we've had to do, because of what you did?" Irish temper can rise, that's fine, Gordon remains where he is. "Her name was Tobie. Tobie was not part of the Vida Mala. She was a guest, not unlike what you were though perhaps treated a bit finer. Of course, you had a dose of what Tobie could do. Tobie was invaluable to them. Priceless in fact. Though now, we've had to put a price on her thanks to your actions. So tell me Nicholas, what went through that infinitesimally small mind of yours that you killed her"

"Survival. Look, I followed the kid to some rave party. Some gangsters kidnapped me, him, Terri who is a local cop and some DJ girl. I have no idea why, but they kept us for days on top of keeping us drugged the entire time. Drugged meant we could not escape. Golden goose, try golden gun. She was their strongest weapon and the main thing keeping us held, so I removed her from the equation and they escaped. I stayed back to make sure they did. What does any of this ave to do with you or Craine Corporation?"

Nicholas reaches over to his other arm and jerks the IV needle out of his skin angrily, then turns to sit on the side of the bed, making every move to stand up from the bed, but staying respectfully away from Gordon. "If you want to berate me, at least make some sense, because it looks like to me, I helped break up a kidnapping ring and disabled a powerful, and dangerous, enemy. I could care less whether she was their guest or their concubine. What she did with her powers kept us from getting away which kept me from performing my job. She's dead, job's successful. You can thank me now. Your money in hiring me was well spent."

"They were not our enemy"

No move made to stop him from getting out of bed or removing the needle. In fact, if anything, there's a gesture to the chair and a fresh change of clothing.

"In fact they were our allies. Our main ally and strongest weapon in keeping Linderman firmly in his place since he returned. And thanks to you, there is a very distinct possibility that they could decide to align themselves with Linderman and as far as I know, they have no need of a new head of security"

And while Nicholas may be opting to keep his distance, Gordon isn't. He's moving close - not enough to spike any alarm or fear. "I don't hire you to care. I hired you to protect my investments. We hired you, to provide a security detail and manage that of the corporation. Long before you waltzed into our sphere of interest, the Vida Mala ensured that we closed up the gaps that Linderman left behind. They helped us to gain the foothold that we have. We owe them, as much as they owe us. And now you owe me"

Nicholas works his way off the bed slowly, standing on shaky legs as he does so. Sighing, he moves past Gordon to the chair and reaches for the pile of folded clothes. Tearing his gown off and uncaring of his own nudity he starts getting dressed while watching his boss carefully. "Fair enough, but you /could/ have informed me of this beforehand and not after the fact. It's a bit difficult to watch your interests if I don't fucking know what they are. Or perhaps, tell your allies not to kidnap your own people? That might have helped, too. Just a thought. And if I was supposed to know about Craine's alliance with Vida Mala, the memo must have gotten lost." He sits on the edge of the bed to pull on his pants and fasten them closed. This brings his closer to Gordon again, but he can only look at the man and shrug. "Fine. I owe you, but I think maybe you owe me some information if you truly want me to do my job properly."

"As you stand, you have no say in what information that I give to you, or not. Who we are allied with and why. When I say you owe me, I mean that you owe me your life. They were ready to keep you, after that little trick that you did with the fire" Gordon waves his hand in the air, sliding a hand into his pocket and keeping it there.

"And make no mistake, they would have the means to keep you so enamored and in their service that you'd forget about Terri"

The last name spoken with some hint of knowledge, confirmed in his next sentence.

"Which brings me to the cost of your freedom. They want a replacement. So you, are going to get me one. Someone useful to them. And as distasteful as that is, to know that you will have to be giving them someone who will become the next… Tobie, know this." Now he's even closer, not touching Nicholas though, but mere centimeters away, looking him in the eye.

"You fail me in this. You make me regret having put my company and our welfare on the line for you, I will not hesitate to dress that detective up in a little bow and make a gift of her to them. She may not have an ability like you, or like myself, but I am very sure that they would find a perfectly good niche for her in their little menagerie"

And with that, he's heading for the door. "You have ten minutes. Then we're off. The doctor has cleared you, and your drugs are waiting at the front desk. Get used to your new position Mr. McFlannery. You put yourself into it."

The mention of Terri has the desired effect, instead of anger, it is guilt that trips him up and the love he still feels for the cop. He pulls his shirt on and finishes with his shoes, nodding as Gordon walks out the door and following behind him more slowly while his legs regain their bearings after being laid up for days. "Jesus Christ, Nic. What the fuck have you stepped into this time..?" He humbles under his breath, moving down to the front desk of the small clinic, keeping Gordon in his sight, but well ahead of him. The medicines are handed to him without a word or signature needed, all so very hush hush. Something much bigger than he ever expected is going on here, and silently he makes a vow to find out what that is. After his repays his debt, that is. First things first and Terri's wellbeing trumps everything el

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