The Strip

The Strip. Two iconic words that do no justice to one of the wonders of America and a boulevard rife with history. Hotels line the massive roadway on either side with brightly lit signs proclaiming their name and the treasures that lay within. Here the Mirage, there the Bellagio whose fountains go off every hour to the delights of the tourists.

The earth looms in the front of Planet Hollywood and the homage to new York can be seen with Lady Liberty in her scaled down grandeur gracing the New York New York. The Corinthian rises just as grandly as the Hilton does in their respective corners while a tram ushers people back and forth behind the hotels.

Here, you can fulfill every sin for every sense if you know where to look, usually without even trying. Keep your wallets close, raise a hand for taxis and don't succumb to the allure of the lights that twinkle all around.



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