The Wilds Of Winchester

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Where: Winchester

When: October 17, 2012; Evening

What: You don't have to run fast, just carry around a big stick and a tranquilizer.

Here and there in the wilds of Winchester - Which is as pretty as one of them demon hunters on a certain show - there's signs of halloween and it's impending arrival. From the various houses that dot the outside of the Rose Glenn community within this part of the city, there are rubber and fabric half corpses hanging from homes, fake spider webs with enormous spiders, witches, lights, pumpkins. Here, the residents really get into it, even one witch seemingly splattered into a wall, not looking where she was flying.

It's here that Ian and Tilly were dispatched, reports coming in of strange activity that might fall under the purview of the Company, and might interest them. So it is that Tilly has parked the SUV, easing out from behind the wheel so she can peer around in the evening cool air of Vegas. "Are they sure that it's here there's been reports?" This asked of Ian.

And as usual, it's her job that gets her there. Dropping off some privileged something or other, or probably someone who doesn't believe in tips. Still, seeing Tilly and Ian parked out there, she actually RECOGNIZES the woman, so she pulls up next to it, facing the opposite direction on the road, and asks,"Marshal… What's got you out and about? I don't get no tip-love from you no more?" Referring to the fact that Tilly did NOT take a cab here. It's playful though.

"This is the address," Ian confirms as he climbs out of the passenger's side. He tosses back the last few Skittles that served as snack during the ride over, leaving the wrapper tucked into the interior handle of the SUV. To be picked up and thrown away later, of course. Then, after closing the door he looks at the house, about to say something more. That is when Ricky appears and makes herself known, calling to the woman with him. He turns, slightly, and looks at the cabbie then to Tilly.

Hands go into his pockets and the young man leans against the side of the vehicle he arrived in, waiting patiently. And while he waits, he allows his gaze to wander along the street, studying the layout, the decorations.

"I'm on duty Ricky Ticky Taxi. I got the good old government gas to burn this time. You should probably keep moving along, unless you got a customer to pick up out here" Ricky it seems, is dismissed, with a two finger tip off from her forehead. Tilly attention then, turns to Ian and observing as well. "Said we wouldn't miss it. Bunch of people" Muttered quietly to her partner.

Ricky leans against the window of her taxi for a moment,"Sooo… it's only fun to be crazy when I'm at work then?" She mutters this half to herself, then speaks up again,"Seriously though, what was the deal the other day with Casino… also, you hear about the shooting the other day? Holy crap, that was terrible."

"Not yet," Ian says, more a murmur as if to himself. He rolls his lower lip inward, front teeth scraping over it while he regards the setting again. A glance, unreadable, is directed toward Ricky and Tilly again, before he starts away from the vehicle. Let the more experienced agent run interception on the cab driver, he'll do what he does best and start looking for people. Casual, just a guy going for a walk, he starts along the sidewalk, close the the yards, looking and listening for any sign of strangeness or simply just people. Aside from his own.

"Do you like to do this? Interrupt US Marshal's while they are working?" Tilly turns her attention back to Ricky. It's as she's turning said attention to the young person behind the wheel that something lurches from out of the shadows towards Ricky's taxi. "Hey, think you have a passenger" Gesturing to the person.

Ian starts away too, Houses lining the one side and Golf course on the other whose dues for membership are likely quite exorbitant. It's there, coming out of the greens, scaling a fence, are a few individuals, hard to see in the dark. But close enough to make out that they are indeed people.

Ricky nods emphatically at Tilly,"Actually, yeah. Dad said never to trust the popos. Especially not crazy popos." She seems to think about this one, then shrugs,"Or maybe it was popos and crazy white girls. Yoooou… are both. Then again, I'm a crazy white girl, so…" Oh, look, a passenger! She flicks the lock and begins rolling down the window,"Jump in, buddy. Where to?"

Stopping just at the edge of a pool of light from a glowing streetlamp, Ian attention fixes on those people climbing over the fence. He makes no call to them, nothing to draw attention to himself just yet, but observes their movements for a second or three. He breaks off for a beat, looking over his shoulder to where he left his partner and her acquaintance, possibly to catch Tilly's attention.

The window is rolled down, and 'Buddy' doesn't give much of answer so much as lean in and attempt to wrap fingers around Ricky's throat. No noise, screaming, yelling foul words. A dull blank look on the young mans face as fingers close around Ricky's throat and she's suddenly without air. Tilly can't quite see what exactly is going on and so just sorta looks at the taxi and it's driver. But Ian can see it when he looks back, and those three climbing over the fence start to make their way toward him, two guys and a young woman, just casually walking towards the group.

Well, crap. Those are hands around her throat. This isn't QUITE the worst position she's ever been in, just this moment… But it's quickly making the top ten. She slaps at the man, and even claws at his arms with her fingernails. She doesn't try to put her teeth into action though. Not yet. That could be very… permanent, otherwise. She reaches down under her seat, instead, and scrabbles until she finds the small bat she keeps there and reels it back, preparing to strike the man holding her throat.

The reaction from Buddy to the offer of a ride in the cab is enough to seal the deal and Ian lets out a sharp whistle just as he turns to check on the progress of the other three. That should be enough to alert Tilly to things nearest her. His hands come free of his pockets though don't so much as twitch toward the pair of firearms he's got concealed under his shirt. Not yet. But he does start easing himself backward a little, while watching, measuring the trio.

"Hey!" Tilly slouches down when Ian whistles and points to the ongoings of the other side of the taxi and quick as she can, Tilly is easing across the hood, clamping a hand on the the upper arm of the attacker and attempting to give a good old wrench back, separate him from Ricky. "Get off her buddy. US Marshal"

Not that the person seems to care that much. Not even when Ricky oh so awkwardly is attempting to hit the guy with a bat in the confines of a taxi. There's not much room to really build momentum. There's hesitation though, when it does connect with the guys head and his hand relax around her neck. There's also a hiss from Tilly as the bat also glances at her hand. 'Fuck!"

The three that are approaching Ian suddenly pick up speed, and seem to tumble en masse onto the fresh agent, and grab at him, each going for his throat with their hands and seeming to try and put their weight on him and attempt to bear Ian down to the ground.

Ricky sharply gasps for air. Once she has it, it's like a drug she can't get enough of,"Out… of… the… way… Marshal…" Which causes her to unlock her door, pull the handle, unbuckle, and then turn sideways to SLAM both her feet into the door… and hopefully the weirdo man there. Then she's trying to surge out of the cab so as to wail on the guy with her bat again. Her voice is even more raspy than usual now,"YOU PSYCHO! WHAT THE HELL! YOU THINK IT'S OKAY TO HIT WOMEN LIKE THAT YOU FUCKIN'-" And on and on, until something out of the corner of her eyes catches,"Uuuuh… Till… your friend… Wait, what happened to your hand? You okay?" She seems genuinely concerned anyway.

Ian starts for his gun with one hand, the real gun and not the tranquilizer, as the group suddenly charges. But it's a gambit, trying to fend off so many hands from his throat while at the same time freeing the weapon. Hands tangle in his collar and grab at his face and shoulders while he ducks and tries to weave out of the conglomeration. He relents in freeing his firearm to use both hands and yells, "Marshall," while taking the wrists of one pair of hands to keep them from locking around his neck even as the press of bodies forces him downward.

"You got my hand" But not her good hand, and it's only going to bruise. Ricky's attacker is down and out after the first hit and that has Tilly intercepting any further beating, as an effort to protect the downed person and to protect Ricky. She is a person of the law after all.

But Ians strangled call, Tilly's bringing out her gun, fingers still smarting, heading down the street to help out her partner and a gesture for Ricky to come help with her with the guy. "Stop, or I will shoot you!" The only warning that the three get and that's more out of a legal requirement before there's a discharge from her gun and a dart landing in the thigh of one of the men attacking Ian. Another report, and there's a second. That leaves the third for either Ricky to wade in or Ian to manage something. Either way, it's down to one.

Ricky is not a beefy girl, or it might've been harder with the anger she's displaying to dissuade her from actually wailing on the downed man. She still swings the bat wildly though. She DOES however, cool it when Ian calls out. Seeing the man being born down on, she points her bat,"Hey, idiots! Back off! Or you're gonna get a hundred and twenty pounds of angry queen to the knee caps!" Of course, they're not scared by that. So she stomps forward with her bat raised. There's no real plan. Just hit the dude with the bat until he stops grabbing Ian. Good thing the bat belongs more to a youngster than an adult. Even if it is still metal.

Three, two, one. One Ian can handle. And grapple, albeit a little sloppily. He's just managing to keep those hands from getting a firm grip around his throat as he's pressed into the ground, and any further shouts are withheld for want of breath. Shoes scuff against the sidewalk looking for purchase and a hand snakes upward to push against the guy's face. So focused, he's unaware of Ricky's approach to take the bat to his opponent.

Baseball bat to the body, and eventually a glancing blow to the head knocks the third guy unconscious and releases Ian, letting him suck in air again without Tilly needing to fire off her gun again. She doesn't even look that disappointed, but does offer her good hand to Ian to help him up, looking at the college age kids sprawled on the street by them and by Ricky's taxi. "Well. I think we found them"

Ricky points her bat at Tilly now… Though not in a threatening manner. More in an accusatory manner. "YOU. What do you have to do with this?" She gives a dainty little kick to the man's ribs, then offers Ian her bat,"You. Big guy. You look sporty. Make these drooly choke-heads stop being buttholes. You guys are cops, right? Well, make with the copperage! Protect and serve already."

"Hey," Ian barks as his own fingers are nearly clipped by that wildly swinging bat. He takes a minute to catch his breath after, however, shoving the dead weight of the last guy off his chest. He's just about to reply to Tilly when Ricky opens up with still more questions. As he eases himself upward, one hand rubs the marks left from fingers at his throat while the other goes to wrap none too nicely around Ricky's shoulders, the bat ignored. "One more word out of you," he says, feigning confidentiality, "and you and I will go have a very long talk about the right and wrong way to say thank you to the cops who just saved your ass."

“There's not going to be any long talks" Tilly mutters, scowling at Ricky. As quick as lightening, Ricky is soon taken out of Ian's hands, gun tucked away and handcuffs removed from her belt to be slapped around Ricky's one wrist, dark haired woman turned, and soon the other wrist. "Protect and serve. The guys and that gal are down. So I'd say we were doing out job when we responded to a call put out that there was suspicious activity in the area. You want me to do something, then I am going to arrest you for the use of excessive force on a man who was already subdued, and no longer a threat. How about that hmm? I can be a bitch, just as good as you were right now"

Ricky looks at the cuffs, grinding her teeth in a way that only really, as far as she knows, has any meaning to her. That meaning being: now is not the time to snack on metal. For once, she has the presence of mind to shut up and not say anything. Hey, look! A sign of intelligence.

Taking a step back when Tilly takes control of Ricky, Ian watches impassively. For a moment. Then, as the cuffs lock into place, he turns to check on the various bodies that lay sprawled around on the ground.

"Yeah. That's what I thought. You're a cabbie, girly. You break laws every day. You switch lanes without signaling, you run reds if it's crucial to getting that great tip, and hey, you didn't clip that pedestrian, but it came damned close. I've been in your cab. But I don't, and have never told you how to do your job. So don't stand here and tell me how to do mine, when I helped pry a guy off your neck. So I highly suggest, that while my partner here calls for an ambulance and zip ties these guys and calls for backup, that you go park your handcuffed ass on the curb and shut up, and when I'm done with them, I will decide what the hell I'm going to do with you. Understood?" There's a jerk of Tilly's head to Ian to get the zip ties and secure the downed Collegiates.

Ricky watches the woman for a loooong moment, then merely says,"I'm starving." But she DOES go park her ass on the curb and plop down. Why? Because she's in frigging handcuffs. And one does not just bit through one's handcuffs and run away unless one plans to go on the lam for a long time. Her stomache rumbles plaintively,"Be quiet. You've gotten me into enough jams. Heh. Jam. I like jam."

Straightening from checking on those nearest Tilly and Ricky, Ian watches the cabbie take to the curb. Once she's sat down, he looks at Tilly. But whatever he might have to say on the matter is withheld. He gets the zip cuffs instead and sees to that. The ones simply knocked out after an encounter with a bat are dealt with first, left propped up against the cab or SUV. The other two are cuffed and dragged over to the sidewalk.

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