So, they broke the law to make Nevada a state, and Nevada's been breaking laws ever since. — Modern Marvels: Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city of sins and secrets. Where the law's hold is shaky and mobsters and gangsters tug-of-war over turf. Where you can be anyone you want, do anything you want with very little consequences. Only if there's photo evidence.

People come to party, gamble, drink, and indulge in every vice their little hearts (or libidos) can imagine. Some stumble into a dark world they were never meant to see. Some uncover the city's true secrets.

Unknown to the world at large, walking among us are a special few, those just different enough to be frightening. Powers that be fight to keep the secret under wraps, going to extreme lengths to do so, at the cost of their own humanity often.

And then there are those… who want the secret out at any price.

Welcome to Las Vegas.

Good luck.

For Out of Character purposes, all events of Heroes Season One are considered to have happened. Most of those events, the general public are unaware of, however. Seasons Two, Three and Four are not canon for the purposes of this game. Please see the Timeline for details and feel free to ask a wiz if you have any questions.

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