Public Timeline

Note: Some of these events are from the show, some from real life and some completely made up.

1955 - The Pioneer Club sold and torn down to make room for Vegas' most notorious strip club (and brothel). The Moulin Rouge is closed in late August, and while it's maintained for historical purposes, the damage from the gas explosion that shut it down remains.

1962 - Primatech Paper Co. opens.

1990 - The Human Genome Project begins.

2001 - September 11th attacks, US War on Terrorism follows.

2003 - The Human Genome Project is completed.

2005 - Hurricane Katrina destroys New Orleans in August.

2006 - A nuclear test missile explodes unexpectedly over the ocean near NYC on November 8th, the US government conducts a full investigation and eventually deems it an accident. It's dubbed in the media as the Midnight Sun Incident. In the wake of such, Senator-elect Nathan Petrelli steps down from his new position and reputed mobster Daniel Linderman disappears from the public eye.

2007 - US economic recession begins. Due to an extremely embarrassing leak at the FBI (via a particularly skilled hacker), the 'Sylar' killer and his methods become a matter of public knowledge, although the details of his identity remain under wraps. Some of the more cynical in the press report that this is because the FBI has no idea who this killer actually is.

2008 - During the opening ceremonies for the Summer Olympics in Beijing, the final runner in the torch relay dies in a fire due to the torch flame catching part of the stadium's interior on fire. Several other injuries, no other fatalities.

2009 - In June, a flu pandemic is declared. On July 22nd is the supposed longest solar eclipse of the century.

2011 - NASA's shuttle program shuts down. 9.0 earthquake in Japan. The 2011 'Super Outbreak' said to be the deadliest tornado outbreak in the US, includes the EF5 tornado in Missouri. It is during this year that Daniel Linderman is once again reported to be at the helm of the Linderman Group in Las Vegas.

After 2011, please see the Current Events page for important IC events.

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