Tinysex, is commonly known as "TS". As with all MU*s and settings we understand that TS may or will occur whether we like it or not. As such please read the following:

  • Please keep all TS related scenes in private and off of public logs. Period.
  • While Vegas may have characters who imply they are women or men of 'special' services it should not mean that these characters should be forced into complying with scenes of the TS nature. Fade to black is always an option.
  • If we catch wind of it happening in places that are public and not private, be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions. Which can include anywhere from a warning, suspension for a period no longer than two weeks or even so far as to being removed from the game.
  • Do not harass a character into participating in TS scenes. Should you feel that another player cannot understand "no" please contact staff.
  • Creating a character solely for the purpose of TS is not welcomed in this setting, as we wish for everyone to particpate in plots and engaging role play. There are other MU*s out there to cater to your needs.

Please note, no player is required to play out any type of scene they aren't comfortable with, be it sexual, violent, or even just boring. Characters can be having as much sex as they want, be as violent as they want, or whathaveyou, but realize that these things can happen off screen. If a player requests a Fade To Black, respect that and discuss the outcome of such scenes OOCly to come to a consensus on what exactly happened. This also applies to GM'd scenes. If you aren't comfortable playing out something, let the Storyteller know and results can be determined OOCly. But as in all things, respect the Storyteller's decisions.

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