Tomorrow Will Be Kinder II

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Where: The Strip

When: April 28, 2012

What: Terri makes it to the murder scene to relieve Detective Watling.

Police lights on the top of black and white vehicles provide a rotating red and white play of lights in addition to that which the strip itself provides. This part of the boulevard, at the far end and away from any of the big name casino's has managed to pull it's fair share of lookie-loo's who hope to get a glimpse of the body underneath the white sheet that's draped across the deceased person to provide some dignity in a very undignified situation.

Barricades keep people far enough away, witnesses having already been corraled and then let loose with a warning to stay in town for questions if possible and information taken. Uniformed officers keep a close watch on people, ensuring no one slips through and that the newspaper photographers don't get close enough for a good shot.

Arriving after getting the call at home, Terri may be late upon the scene in comparision, but she's still here. Walking from her car to the tape, she flashes her badge and is allowed in, soon to ask one of the nearby officers as to who was currently in charge of the scene. That will be the person she will seek out first to find out the details known.

That would be the familiar face of one of the other detectives, though he's dressed like he's intended to go going out for the night instead of being here at the setting of the sun. His notepad out, he's directing people here and there while the evidence is being gathered, camera's taking pictures of nearly everything and likely everything. He turns at the gesture from one of the uniforms and turns on a shiny patent loafer to look her up and down. "Well. About time, I was about to call my wife and tell her to go to dinner without me" Detective Watling flashes a grumpy look.

"Sorry, I was in bed when the call came through, and hurried as quick as possible." Terri does say, ignoring the man's grumpy look. "If you want to give me the information, you can leave and meet her in time for dessert.." The offer is made, though she glances over things, taking in the area while waiting for his report. No doubt, there is some curiosity as to why she was called in if he was already on the case.

'Aged 32, name of Sarah Costance. Meter Maid. Cause of death unknown, EMTS declared her DOA. Witnesses claimed they saw nothing. That there was a man who looked like Christopher Walken and a bachlorette group who were making a bunch of noise" He's looking down at his notepad, reeling off what he's gotten so far. "A couple from Iowa were the first to notice her" He gestures over to a family of four who are still being kept for questions."

"We got a few memory cards, people who were filming. Get this, one of them was the Mayor's Son"

Listening, Terri nods and makes her own notes of the things that are rattled off to her, soon to look up as he mentions that the mayor's son is one of those who were witnesses. "I see. Any idea of what exactly she died of? No wounds? Heart attack?" Already her mind is ticking away at causes and motives. "And no one saw anything at all?" That is most unusual.

"The father said that there were a great deal of people around. That, he saw maybe three people who could have possibly done it. Whatever it was. I mean It was instant, far as we know. THey said she was ticketing this car" He turns and points to a black vehicle a foot away, it's owner sequestered too, unable to take his vehicle just yet. "A woman in a short red dress, black hair, a dark haired guy in a hoodie, possibly green or blue, and then apparently, a guy in a suit, who stopped beside her, but took off soon as she was dropping" The detective shrugs, flipping closed his pad. "Needless to say, we got none of those in our witness bin" Gesturing to the few who remained behind.

Such details are written down, though as he goes on to say neither three were found within the witness group, Terri sighs softly and shakes her head, "So we have video, hopefully that might catch something. And hopefully a tox report to come from the ME." Hopefully it was something simple, like a heart attack, right? Right. Not always her luck.

"Hopefully it gives a good view of the perp. Maybe it's someone she knew, who knows. She's a damned meter maid. They're always making enemies somewhere. Someone didn't like that she jackbooted their car" He shrugs. "But we're pretty done here until the tox screens can be done and the coroner examines her. I leave you, Detective Willett to the witnesses. I got a dinner to get to with my wife."

"What's the mayor's kid got to do with this?" Terri does ask before she sighs, "Damn shame.." As to the poor meter maid's death. With the last, she nods, "Alright. Enjoy your meal. Here's hoping your wife doesn't yell too much at you, hmm?" She turns from him, and after a moment, heads towards the witness group to begin the task of questioning the ones left, starting with the family so that they might get back to their hotel and get the kids to bed.

"mayors kid was one of the witnesses and we got a memory stick from him. We took a look at the footage we confiscated, You'll want to see what's special about his" With that little tidbit left for her, and Terri taking over, he's taking off. He's got a family to deal with and terri's got the other family.

The father straightens up, both of them no more older than late 20's. a kid under a year in the stroller, one at least 2 in the arms of the mother, as blonde as he is dark haired, both of them anxious and bearing the mein of those who are not from this town. David and Lorna, or so that's what the uniformed officer tells her before she approaches.

"I see. I'll have a look as soon as I can. Thanks." And with that, Terri is off towards the witnesses, listening to the uniform says of the family before she approaches, "Evening, Sir, Ma'am. I have a few questions for you and hopefully we can get you back to your hotel soon, alright?" She'll ask them where they were in comparison to the body, what did they see prior and afterwards. Anyone in particular stand out or seem strange. "We have a few videos and once I take a look at them, I may wish to speak to you again as to whether or not you might identify any people from the video.."

What the previous detective gave, is what they give. Standing near the woman, upset by the sudden bottleneck, they turns when they had heard the meter maid make a noise and crumple. The woman in red, the hoodie and the suited man, all closest. They point, indicating directions that the various people went, as best they could discern given the crush. The woman confirms even while swaying side to side and trying to keep the two year old from making a fuss - and it's look like failure in that aspect.

"afterward, it was just the man who looked like Christopher Walken, he was trying to give CPR, there was this dark haired lady in a suit, she was trying to help but kept people away. The detective took their names we think. But other than that. I'm sorry detective. I really am" She effuses with mid western apologies.

The details are taken down again, and once they match what was given to her by the other Detective, Terri nods again, "Thank you both. If I have any questions, I'll give you a call, and.." She pulls out her card to hand to the husband, "Should you remember anything, no matter how insignificant you might think it is, give me a call?" With that, she will allow one of the uniformed officers see them off. She'll go through the list of witnesses starting with the first name at top, asking them all the same questions, saving those that tried to help the maid, and the mayor's son, for last.

When she turns her back, the technicians are still working on the body, taking pictures. One, lifts a religious medallion from the meter maids hand, the golden oval spinning in the air, a woman in benediction on it's front.

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