Tomorrow Will Be Kinder III

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Where: The Strip

When: April 28, 2012

What: Terri questions Heather about her involvement in the murder scene.

Police cruisers flash their lights, the coroner's office is here with their van, and the crime scene tape is strung up. Officers keep back those trying to satisfy a morbid curiosity while the witnesses are slowly being gone through. While the nicely dressed detective began the investigation, the arrival of Terri has him heading off as she picks up things.

Interviewing the family of four first, she sends them on soon enough so they might get the kids to bed. Regarding the notebook in her hand, she soon calls out for Heather by name given to the officers first on the scene. Standing to the side so they might talk at a short distance from the few witnesses still there, she waits for Heather to approach.

Dressed casually, Heather is standing near one of the groups of officers simply listening. She glances toward the detective when her name is called and approaches with a quick, businesslike stride. "Detective," she greets calmly. She, too, is a tall woman, dark-haired and green-eyed. She pauses just within talking range where they can keep their voices low. "I'm Heather Granger."

"Evening, Ms. Granger. I'm Detective Terri Willett. I'm sorry to keep you out so late, but I did have a few questions for you." Glancing to her notebook, she continues, "The officers tell me that you were one of the two who attempted to help the victim with CPR?" She looks to the other tall woman to see if that is right or not.

"I approached, but I was not the one administering CPR," Heather corrects. "The man who did CPR on her seemed unwilling to give up on her, so I stayed nearby to keep your scene as uncontaminated as possible, but other than that I didn't touch the victim, Detective."

Terri ahs and nods, "Sorry, I misunderstood then." Notes are made to correct that by Terri as she asks, "Did you notice anything out of the ordinary? Anyone who was near the victim before she collapsed?" Pictures are taken of the scene, the coroner and his assistant lifting the body bag to a gurney to load it into the back of the van.

"I'm afraid not, Detective. I was just coming out of the casino when things got chaotic. A bachelorette party bumped into me and had my attention on the drink that went down my shirt when the screaming started." Heather gestures toward the aforementioned bridal party, who are hanging about being questioned as well. "She was already on the ground when I was able to get through the crowd."

More notes are taken down by Terri before she looks up, spying the stain on the woman's shirt, following it with a glance to the drunken bridal party who's complaining to some degree that their fun evening has been ruined. Or something like that. "Didn't notice anything that might have stuck out once you reached her and kept people back? Anything that just seemed odd to you?"

Heather's expression is regretful. "At the time I arrived next to her, my primary thought was to see if aid could be rendered. When I realized that she was dead, detective, the only thing I could think to do at that moment was keep everyone but the guy who was willing to chance CPR with no protective gear away from her. There were a bunch of people taking pictures and a bunch of people trying to get away from the horror. It was your typical rubbernecking scene." She grimaces. "I wish I could be more help, but I didn't see anything that really sticks out in my head." There is regret in her tone.

There is a smile to show upon Terri's face as she nods, "It's alright, Ms. Granger. Truly." She takes out a card case, and slips one out to hand to her, "But if you do happen to think of something, no matter what, you can give me a call any time. We do have some tapes to look at from those that were recording, so I may give you a call to check out some pictures to see if you recognize anything at a later date, if that is alright?"

Reaching out to take the card, Heather nods easily. "Certainly. You have all my contact information, and if you need me during work hours I'm easy enough to find," she offers with a bit of a smile. "The DA's office is more than willing to cooperate, obviously, if you need me to take some time to look at anything."

"Thank you." Terri pauses, then asks, "What is your position within the DA's office?" She asks, curious for a moment, "I'll certainly give you a call though, once I have time to review the tapes and get things in order."

"I'm just one of the rank and file," Heather tells her, tucking the card away. "Might actually manage to get into the courtroom someday, but right now most of my job is backup." She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. "Anything I can do to help, though, I'll be happy to."

Terri ahs and nods, chuckling, "Still, your work is important, this I'm fairly certain. Thank you again.." She glances over her notes then says, "I do have your information, so you're welcome to head on out. Thanks for thinking so quickly and doing your best to preserve the scene. I'm certain the CSI team would thankyou for that as well."

Heather shrugs a little and admits, "I wish she'd still been alive. I'd rather they were thanking us for keeping her that way until the ambulance arrived." She grimaces a bit and shares a look with the detective. "I hope you find out what happened, Detective Willett."

Terri nods solemnly, "I wish the same, but sadly, it would mean I'd be out of a job. Still, what you did was important to us, so thank you." Meeting the look offered, she considers, "As do I." Closing her notebook, she offers a hand to Heather, "Thank you again. I'll likely be in touch in a few days or so, depending on how long it takes me to look through things."

Taking the proffered hand, Heather nods. "Good luck." She heads out toward home with only a brief glance back toward the coroner's van.

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