Tomorrow Will Be Kinder IV

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Where: The Strip

When: April 28, 2012

What: Terri finishes up with the witnesses with Topper.

Police cruisers bring a splash of revolving lights to the edge of the Strip where people both attempt to see what's going on here, while others are wishing they could just leave already. Crime scene tape has been put up, officers keeping the crowd back while CSI and Coroners do their thing. While Detective Watling has been handling things, it's apparent that he was caught before going out somewhere's nice. Arriving to the scene is another detective who after conversing with Watling and other cops, makes her way towards the area where the witnesses were being held after initial questioning. Starting with the family of four, she questions them all one by one, writing down answers in her notebook and releasing them. Finally, she makes her way to Topper, "Mr. Nash?" Alright, reports of the Christopher Walken look-alike were true.

Nash had been expecting some pretty lengthy delays in being allowed to go find dinner after trying to give the poor girl CPR, but now he was regretting not ducking out when the cops were busy and trying to snag some thing from a hot dog cart. "Topper Nash, though I suspect you learned that from every other cop on site, along with the dozen of girls who thought I was Walken at first." He says, casually extending a hand towards Terri, he seems pretty pleasant.

With the offer of the man's hand, the detective takes it and offers a shake, "Detective Terri Willett. Sorry ot keep you waiting tonight. I know you're likely eager to head off." A glance to her notebook, she says, "I do have your name, and that you own a club nearby?" She questions, getting confirmation on that, "And that you attempted for some time to give our victim CPR?"

Nash has a firm shake, confident, but curt and to the point before he releases her hand. "Yes, I own Da Bing nearby, I'm sure more then a few of your colleagues go to it, but won't tell you. As for CPR, I did, until I realized the victim had died, I'd tell your forensic specialists to check for a neuro toxin that was likely delivered via food. I never saw any puncture marks, or a dart of any kind, so unless they blew a powder in her face, I'd suspect it was ingested unknowingly." He comments.

There's a brief nod of her head when he mentions his club, and how some might not admit to going to it. Their personal time is their own in her views. But as he continues, Terri looks up at him, pen paused over paper, "Who are you thinking was behind this, Mr. Nash?" A brow lifts upwards in open curiosity.

Nash gives Terri a stare that speaks volumes of how often he's seen such things. "Some local player, some one with the ability to buy off the police department. There is always some one like that around, who can put enough money into the government to ensure no one is around when they commit a crime. Detective, I wouldn't ask who did it, but why? Who were they sending a message to, and why use a Neurotoxin, and not just a brain to spray their brains all over the sidewalk?"

Terri accepts the stare, though she doesn't seem to be ready to jump to such conclusions. "And it couldn't have been a simple heart attack?" She asks of him as she jots down a few things upon her notebook, "She was a meter maid, not an officer, after all. "

Nash lifts an eyebrow in questioning at Terri. "Heart attacks have telltale signs leading up to the attack, sides, do you think it was a simple heart attack? If you were that poorly of health, I don't think the city would have you out on the job, do you?" He asks her, trying to see her angle on this. "Who do you think was behind it Officer?"

"I am not at liberty so say such things, Mr. Nash. I am but curious about your own theories and how exactly you come by then though." Terri does answer the man, "And heart attacks can happen without warning to perfectly healthy people. That's a fact that has been reported many times."

Nash slowly crosses his arms over his chest when she admits curiosity about his own theories. "I've served in almost every major conflict since Vietnam, I've been a US Army Ranger, and I served with the French Foreign Legion. I don't trust death with out a clear sign of why the person died to random chance." He explains.

More written down before Terri looks back to the man, "And it's my job to gather the clues, and figure what truly happened, Mr. Nash. Did you see anything unusual before her collapse? anything that might… collaborate your theory? " A pause, and she murmurs, "I understand you were carrying as well. With proper license."

Nash makes a slight roll of his shoulders at the question. "There was some kid with a Camera, named Zan, you guys pulled the memory card from his Digital, I wasn't looking at the lady or the like. I'd say your best bet is to pour over Zan's digi recording." He says to her, moving to pull out his wallet to show her the permit for his firearm. "I'm rather glad I didn't have to use this."

"We have the memory cards from those who were filming at the time. But I wondered what you'd seen in specific, Mr. Nash. Being trained as you were and all.." He did bring up his military training, after all. "I'm glad you didn't either."

Nash licks his lips slightly at the insistence. "It's the lack of what I saw, that's what stood out. No running people, no wounds, no injuries. Nothing real indicative, and no true evidence. The perfect hit, and no one is perfect, there is always evidence."

Terri writes down his words, nodding slowly then digs into her coat pocket to pull out her card to hand over to him. "If there's nothing else you can recall right offhand, then I'll let you get back to your club. If you happen to think of anything, give me a call anytime. I may speak with you again should we pull anything off the cameras so see if it might jog your memory."

Nash moves to slip the card into his wallet and smiles a bit. "I'd appreciate a small favor, off the record. Getting me the Tox Report. No offense to your department, but you didn't deal with biological and chemical weapons as much as I have, it was a daily occurrence for me." He says before starting to walk off.

Terri makes no comment at all as to the favor asked of her by the man, but she does turn to watch him head off with a thoughtful look upon her face. With her name called by another officer, she heads off to continue the night's work.

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