Turning Japanese

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Where: Primatech Paper

When: May 4th, 2012

What: Cody, Finnegan and Jeremie find themselves on a foreign assignment.

"Cooper, Finnegan!" In the lower levels of the Company, the offices for those who are higher up the proverbial food chain, Muni Shaw's voice barks out from his own. Spacious, but not overly so, the middle eastern man is poking his head out to see if the two agents that he'd called in are out there waiting. "Get in here already" Good natured, he's still the Agent in charge of all the others and his days tend to be busy.

He disappears back in, striding off to his desk, taking up the leather swiveling seat to re-arrange folders till he finds the one that he wants. Inside the office, Jeremie is lounging against the file cabinets and bookshelves, picking away at one of his nails, fussing over something. A mundane agent, and one that Cody's seen at multiple meetings. "Heeeeeeey" a wave to those who enter.

F.N.G. may as well be embroidered on his jacket, but Finnegan (any similarity in letters purely coincidental and fleeting in irony) enters, one solid paw wrapped around a cup of Starbucks. He's dressed for the "day job," in a charcoal gray suit, dove gray shirt, and a tie that might be loud in purple and blue streaks if he didn't have the sort of body that looks good in such monkey suits. What a difference a day makes, as the old commercials used to say — just last night he was in torn jeans and a Rangers jersey while working at the bar.

"I'm here. With bells on," he says in that Southern drawl as he looks around the office, curious eyes taking in everything in a few sweeps.

Cody bustles in, small plate of treats in hand, and beams hopefully. How she managed to have that at hand so readily, who ever could know? But she does, and she offers a brownie to the man. "You rang?" she chuckles, as she steps past and offers one to Finnegan too.

The brownie is waved off by Muni, but Jeremie isn't above swooping in to partake of the chocolate and back to his perch. A trio of files is plunked down, a wave of his hand for the three of them to take one. "Go down to acquisitions, they'll issue you passports, stop by medical, make sure you are up to date on your shots and get a tetnus booster if you haven't. The three of you. You're going overseas"

"You're a godsend. I didn't get my Wheaties this morning," Finn tells Cody with a grin, before giving Jeremie a nod as well. A large bite is taken of the brownie, and as he chews, he grabs one of the folders, opening it up and reading immediately.

One brow arcs up, and his head follows, giving Muni a glance of curiosity. More pages are flipped, more brownie is chewed, and finally swallowed, then chased by a big gulp of coffee. According to the side of his cup it's a double espresso non fat latte with nutmeg, his name "Jamie" scrawled with the i dotted by a heart in hot pink Sharpie.

"You guys speak Japanese?" he asks his two colleagues.

Cody takes her plate of brownies and sets them on the table, blinking as she takes both a confectionary treat and a file. Making sure to bite the right one and open the other, she starts quickly perusing. "Overseas?" she echoes, maybe a little confused. "Oh, golly. I've never been all the heck out there before. What a trip! I suppose I'll have to ask Kylee to pull more shifts… but she needs the money so, y'know." Mostly, she's talking to herself, but she reads through the information thoughtfully. "Oh, heavens no. I took Spanish in high school, and I barely survived that! But I do know domo aa-ree-gaa-toe." Oh how pleased she is, too.

"That's why I've been volunteered" Jeremie lift his brownie before finishing it all fastidious like. "To be your translator" With brownie consumed, he's taking the file now and looking it over. "What are we going to be doing there boss man"

"We have reports of a dangerous Advanced, who's suspected to be hiding in the ruins. Our superiors want to toss you three onto the island, and see if you can't find him. Jeremie for his… well. Conversational skills. You Cody, in case whomever it is that's there, needs a more gentle hand, and you Finnegan, because.. well" There's a gesture to him. "You leave in a few days. The place has been abandoned for years, once you're there, you'll be there till you ask for transportation. You'll be kitted out when you land in Japan. You'll be filled out better there, by our counterparts. Questions?"

"Because I'm pretty," Finnegan supplies. Really, it's because he's "one of us," or maybe it's "one of them," depending on which side of the fence the person talking is, after all. "What's the Advanced's mojo do?" He's flipping through the file, but it's easier to be told than to read all those big words. Another bite of brownie is taken, chocolate smudging the corner of the man's mouth as he chews.

"Oh, thank goodness! You had me worried, there," Cody chuckles, regarding a translator. "Ooh, well, I'm sure the poor fella's just having a hard time of it, ya know." She flips to the next page as she nibbles her brownie, and looks up expectantly for an answer to Finnegan's question.

"I'm sure they're having a hard time" Spoken with the practicality of a senior agent who's seen many Advanceds who were just having a hard time of it

"I'm sure they're having a hard time" Spoken with the practicality of a senior agent who's seen many Advanceds who were just having a hard time of it. "Just get in, see if you can find him, get him and get out and preferably, lets not loose any limbs along the way? Marshal can't fix that" They're dismissed it seems, acquisitions will dispense the tickets, passports and anything else.

"and the Company limb replacement policy is pretty bad, last I heard" Jeremie quips, swooping in for another brownie.

Finnegan's brow furrows as he continues to flip through the paperwork, shoving the rest of the brownie into his mouth and chewing so he has a free hand. "Do we get to stop off in Tokyo? I wanna see how many different things I can buy in vending machines. Got a buddy from VMI who got underwear, goldfish and a blow-up doll in one night. Gotta beat that." He walks as he reads, apparently able to do the two things at one time well enough to avoid running his shoulder into the doorjamb.

"Yes sir," Cody returns, bobbing her head. "I'd sure appreciate keeping all my limbs, that's fer sure! Though dontcha think I'd look smart with a hook-hand?" She casts a cheeky grin toward Finnegan and Jeremie. Still, she stands with her own file in hand, leaving the brownies there for whoever wants to pick at them. You'll get yours yet, Muni! "Oh fer petesake," she chuckles. "Underwear? Blow-up dolls? Those crazy little guys come up with the strangest things to put on the street. My goodness…" Still, commentary seems to be about done, as she heads out as well, presumably to make the right arrangements.

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