Useful Commands

This will be a quick and dirty list of useful commands. Most of them are explored deeper and there are other commands not pictured here in +help.


+help bb

+bbread : Scans joined bulletin board groups.
+bbread <#> : Scans messages in group <#>.
+bbcatchup <#> : Marks all messages in group <#> as read. You can use multiple group #'s/names or may use the word 'all' to catchup on all messages on all boards.
+bbscan : Totals unread postings (if any) in each joined group.
+bbpost <#>/<subject>=<body> : Posts a message to group <#>. This is a quick way of posting a message with one command.
+bbedit <#>/<#>=<old>/<new> : Edits one of your posted messages.


+help event

+events : Summarizes all event entries.
+event <#> : View details for an event.
+event/signup <#> : Sign up for the event, if signup is enabled.
+event/leave <#> : Remove your name from an event's signup list. (Please remember to make liberal use of this if you find you can't make an event.)

Pose Order

+help po

+po : lists the current pose order in a room.
+podrop : removes the bit from the po list
+skip : skips the bit's turn and puts it at the end of the list
+po/prompt : toggle a pose alert on and off


page <name>=<message> or p <name>=<message> : sends a message to a player or group of players. List names without commas to group page.
p <message> : sends a message to the last person you paged.
reply <message> : sends a message to the last person (or last group) that paged you.
@idle me=<message> : sends a pre-recorded message to people who page you while this is set. @idle me= to unset it.
@away me=<message> : sends a pre-recorded message to people who page you while you're logged off the game. @away me= to unset it.
+proom <name>=<message> : sends a page to everyone in the same room as <name>.


+jobs - Shows you your jobs.
+job # - Shows you that job number.
+job/new <category>/<title>=<details> - This will create a new job. It's a long-form command; there are short forms below:
+apply - sends in a character app
+req <title>=<details> - Puts in a normal request.
+plot <title>=<details> - Puts in a plot request.
+bug <title>=<details> - Puts in a bug report.
+build <title>=<details> - Puts in a build request.
+job/comment #=<text> - Puts a comment on a +job you have access to.


+glance will give you an overview of everyone in the room: their sex, age, and PB.
+census gives a breakdown of the characters on the game, PCs only.
+census/powers gives a breakdown of the powers on the game, PCs only.
+join <player> : hops a bit to the same room as the bit listed in the command.
+summon <player> : pulls a bit over to the same room you're sitting in.
+jump <location> : hops a bit to a specific location. Use +jump/name or a list of jumpable locations
+ooc : jumps you to the OOC room from anywhere on grid. Not to be used for ooc chatter, that command is ooc <message>
+pb/check : Checks to see if a PB is in use. Make sure you spell the name correctly. Also useful to check the taken actors page here on the wiki to be sure.
+rapow : generates a randomly selected power and its (brief) explanation. Not a complete list by any means, but to be considered 'safe' suggestions to consider and mull over.
+staff : Shows staff that are online and on duty. Please do not page staff that are set off duty, but instead, send them an @mail they can view when they're on duty again.
sweep : sends disconnected player bits to their homes

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