Velvety Surprise

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Where: Velvet

When: May 16, 2012; Early Evening

What: Two old.. "coworkers" randomly meet after some time apart.

Early evening, just late enough that one could be here for before or even after dinner drinks..or happy hour sort carousing in the refined fashion that Velvet seems to encourage. Bruce is sitting at the bar, dressed in an obviously well tailored and expensive looking suit of charcoal grey, the jacket worn over a deep sapphire blue dress shirt who's collar is open. The seat he's chosen puts him at the far end of the bar from the door, giving him a view of the main room and the front door, which he occasionally sweeps with a quick flicker of his eyes in between sips from a glass of what might be either scotch or whiskey that he holds in one hand and rests lightly atop the bar between drinks.

The door to the main entrance of the place opens and in walks a woman dressed in a long flowing dress that trails behind her but is cut to show her knees in the front. The color is a deep purple, her black boots come up to her calves as she tilts her head surveying the place and strands of her long brown hair fall into hazel eyes. Sibyl has been here a few times but not in a past few weeks. She twitches for one moment and swats at something at her ear. It doesn't appear to be anything there though, nothing that the human eye can see.

She looks lost for a moment before she unsteadily takes a step forward still unsure of where to go. Or is she?

Bruce's gaze lifts as the light changes when Sibyl opens the door, and his gaze pauses on the new arrival for a long moment, eyes narrowing just slightly as his expression shows just a hint of recognition. Giving her another once over gaze, he doesn't do anything for the moment other than lift his glass to take another drink as he watches her decide just where she's going to sit and he can take those few moments to try and place her familiar features.

There's a few more seconds of idle standing before Sibyl finally makes her way towards the bar. Passing by a man who is looking through the paper, she says softly, "Congratulations." Before the man can turn around and ask her what she's talking about, she is taking her seat at the bar. Head tilted again as she looks at the bartender who asks her what she's drinking. "Wild Turkey." She speaks again softly but there's a tiny rasp to her voice. Her eyes twinkle in the dim light of the place. If Sibyl has seen Bruce she's made no obvious note of it. Conveniently she has sat only a few seats away from him. The young woman places her black purse on the bar in front of her. Humming along quietly.

His gaze remains unobtrusively on her as she approaches the bar, the length of the walk giving him plently of time to both study her and perhaps enjoy a bit of the view as well. Regardless it's after she orders the Wild Turkey that Bruce sets his glass down and says in tones loud enough to carry to her but not much further, "Sibyl, isn't it? Been a little while since New York."

"A few years yeah, Bruce?" She says almost immediately before turning her head and standing to walk over and seat in a chair right next to him. The bartender hands her the drink and she takes a healthy sip. "Mmm, I love this." Sibyl takes her glass and raises it up to Bruce, "To.. old associates?" there's a wide grin that shows her white teeth.

Behind them, the man that Sibyl spoke to in passing jumps up with a scream. "I WON! I WON!" He says loudly. Before people can be alarmed many would notice that he's holding a lottery ticket. He's just read the numbers apparently, the man rushes out of the place rather quickly and Sibyl claps her hands. "Hopefully he's not to late to claim his." She speaks softly, there's a dark look in her eyes for a moment.

Bruce's eyes flicker past her to the other man as the new lottery winner discovers his luck, then he turns his attention back to Sibyl as she settles into the seat next to him. "To old associates." He lifts his glass, clinks it lightly with hers, and then takes another sip from it before setting it back down again on the bar to the soft clink of ice sliding around in the glass. "What brings you here from the Big Apple?"

Setting her glass down as well the woman shrugs, "Not sure." Her gaze wanders around the bar. "I.." she trails off before she stiffens and spins back around to Bruce. "And what brings you here?" Her eyebrows are raised but her gears are spinning now. The chances of her running into Bruce here in Vegas.. "Are you..?" Sibyl's grip tightens on the glass. "Saw something, not sure."

His gaze follows along with hers as it swivel out around the bar and then Bruce meets her gaze when it focuses on him once more. "It was time to come back, the boss is back in town…though it seems that lately he's keeping almost everyone at arms length. That or those around him are keeping all of us that decided to scoot when he disappeared at arms length."

There's a brief pause and a widen of the eyes, how in the hell did she miss… "I, he's back?" That would explain why she's here. "How long?" is the simple question, her whole body shivers as she downs the whole of her drink in one gulp. "Are you positive?" Sibyl takes another moment before ordering another drink.

"But how, he's been hiding from me." She says in a slight whisper. "Elisha is around? I've only seen.. pieces of him." Er.. what?

There's a slight shake of his head that Bruce combines with an equally faint shrug, "I've not seen either of them in the flesh, so to speak, but I've enough reports from enough people that I doubt that it's any particularly extravigant ruse. " There's a pause and he looks at her , then around the rest of the room agian, "I know it's hard, Sibyl, but … keep a lid on that sight of yours in public, hmm? There's .. a /lot/ of folk very negatively interested in that sort of thing these days."

"I've been being good." She says in a hushed voiced but she looks scared for a moment. "Or trying.. you know.. it's hard sometimes." She sighs and takes a sip of her new drink. "Do you… what is he planning?" To say she fears him would be a big understatement. "He's so scary. Isn't that silly, everyone that works for him could destroy him like that but we all fear.. or respect him." But respect can be considered just another form of fear. "I'm sorry, I didn't think. It was stupid to think he was gone forever, right?" Sibyl chuckles.

" sure that you stay that way, hmm? I'm sure he doesn't want a bunch of folk wandering around here looking for .. special people." Bruce notes with a flick of his gaze towards her, a slightly stern look, and then the focus of his gaze drifts onward and around the room again. "Not much idea as far as his plans, no, I've been kept at arms length unlike the previous relationship I had with him. " There's a pause, a glance at her, "Respect's got everything to do with power, and he's got it in spades, one way or the other. Fear…it's a tool for managing respect…and might well have been part of his plan as far as his disappearance and return."

"I promise that I'll try my best." She says to the older man, with a quick glance she looks over at his drink and then her own. "So everyone's gathering back.." she trails off. "I'll meet others." It's not a question, she knows it already. "Whatever is going to happen, it's going to be big. Different, are you going to return to him when he calls?" That's the big question, a question she's not even sure she can answer. "or do you have a choice?" A tilt of her head and a flick of her wrist and she's taking another sip of her drink. Sibyl doesn't plan on getting drunk but if not watched she'll end up there soon.

Bruce gives the bartender a shake of his head when the man makes silent inquiry as to if he might want a refill. "It would seem quite a few of us are coming back, yes, though…I don't know for what for certain. I came because he's always treated me well, and has that respect that we spoke about, though if I get kept out in the cold like this for too much longer…I might become a bit irritated." There's a turn of his own wrist, he glances at the watch on it, and then at her and her drink.. "Where're you staying?"

"I have a feeling it won't be long." Sibyl sets her glass down and nods her head at Bruce. "Apartment not far from here, are you staying in a hotel?" She raises an eyebrow at the suited man and brushes a strand of hair out of her face. She grips the bar a little tightly, she's been rocked by this information. She's more shocked that she didn't see this coming.

But what she's most afraid of is that she won't see what's next.

Bruce nods slightly and glances at her drink, "If you drove, I'd suggest stopping with that for the time being, don't need to get pulled over. That or I can give you a ride back to your place if nessecary." He reaches into the pocket of his suit coat and pulls thirty dollars from a money clip that he withdraws from the pocket, and lays the cash out to cover the drinks. "I'm at the Corinthian, a suite I've had there for quite a few years now."

She stands and nods her head, grinning now as if nothing is wrong. "Thank you, I'll be fine." The strange young woman tucks hair behind her ears and grabs her bag. Sibyl takes a moment as she grabs her bag and looks around the bar. "I.. am happy that we ran into each other." Before another word, she's beginning to walk away but not before she grips Bruce's arm and leans in to whisper, "Be careful." With that the lady is soon beginning to exit. Before she leaves the room, she turns and grins at Bruce.

"I'll see you around!"

"I always am, Sibyl, but thanks." Bruce replies with a flicker of a smile, one hand moving to slip a business card that he must've palmed at some point earlier just into the top of her dress where it dips into the line of her cleavage. As she turns away towards the door he says, "Take care, Sibyl, it was good to see you again, call me if you need anything, hmm?"

She doesn't take offense to it, she hardly notices the card there. She does take it as she is leaving and places it in her bag. "I will." Is Sibyl's answer and then she's chuckling. "Be good."

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