Viral Video of UFO

A new viral video has surfaced on the Internet, stirring up quite a bit of attention. Amature footage taken Sunday night of the southern Nevada desert made its way onto media sharing site Youtube when photographers captured what appears to be a UFO. It began as a simple stargazing expedition and turned into a twenty-three minute air show. The clip, which can be found «here», shows a field full of stars to begin with. However seventeen seconds in a glowing object appears. The video follows it for a full twenty-three minutes as it speeds up and slows down while flying over the desert and ends when it shoots straight upward.

While it has UFO enthusiasts talking excitedly, those in the science fields show skepticism that it could be anything supernatural. There has been no official word, however sources indicate some investigation into the phenomenon. Whatever it may be, the video itself has achieved over 142,000 views since its posting.

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